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Professional Education

With an all-hands-on-deck approach, and in collaboration with partners across the state, we're mobilizing health professionals and equipping community members to take personal responsibility for their own health. As part of this mission, we provide education and training for professionals in the field to increase the reach and impact of our programs.

Professional Programs and Education for Rural Areas

For some small community or rural facilities that may find it difficult to produce certain programs and services on their own, we offer a variety of quality and patient safety programs, including peer review through case-based learning, benchmarking, assessment services, and database management and analysis through the A&M Rural and Community Health Institute.

Professional Diabetes education

The Diabetes Education Program partners with a variety of educational institutions in an effort to increase the level of understanding and care provided to those diagnosed with diabetes.

Infectious Disease education

In response to increasing concern about mosquito-borne diseases, such as Zika, Healthy South Texas focused on educating health care professionals and the public about preventing, identifying and treating vector-borne diseases currently present or anticipated in South Texas.

Vector Control Workshops train personnel in cities and municipalities that are in the field of mosquito abatement. Workshops provide education on insect identification, biology, ecology, diseases, trap usage, surveillance and control measures.

Advancing clinical research in Hispanic communities

The Global Institute for Hispanic Health advances the health of the Hispanic community, ensuring the needs of the population are addressed when developing new drugs and life-saving therapies. It is closely tied to the Texas A&M Healthy South Texas initiative to improve the health of rural populations throughout the state.

The Clinical Research Seed Grant program seeks to foster and promote collaboration between Driscoll Children's Hospital (DCH), the Driscoll Health Plan and Texas A&M Health to advance clinical research aimed at eliminating health care disparities in the Hispanic community. provides seed funding of up to $25,000 for clinical research projects with teams of clinicians and scientists. Each grant of up to $25,000 maximum (no overhead allowed).

Continuing Medical and Pharmacy Education

The Coastal Bend Health Education Center works with experts in medicine, pharmacy, nursing and other health professions to develop and deliver the leading-edge information for improving health care practice.