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VISION360 - Our Team

Steering Committee

  • Nancy Fahrenwald, Dean, College of Nursing
  • Shawn Gibbs, Dean, School of Public Health
  • Ken Ramos, Associate Vice President of Research, Director of Institute of Biosciences and Technology
  • Indra Reddy, Dean, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Amy Waer, Dean, College of Medicine
  • Lawrence Wolinsky, Dean, College of Dentistry


Project Manager

Sloane Williams, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications


Working Groups


CO-CHAIR: Indra Reddy, Dean, College of Pharmacy
CO-CHAIR: Lawrence Wolinsky, Dean, College of Dentistry

  • Ritesh Bhattacharjee, College of Dentistry
  • Paul Dechow, College of Dentistry
  • Sharon Dormire, College of Nursing
  • Ryan Fountain, College of Nursing
  • Jennifer Griffith, School of Public Health
  • Simi Gunaseelan, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Ernestine Lacy, College of Dentistry
  • Khalid Mahran, College of Medicine
  • Margie Moczygemba, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Andrea Mora, Rangel College of Pharmacy 
  • David Reiner, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Olga Rodriguez, Texas A&M Health
  • Ann Utterback, College of Nursing
  • Laura West, College of Medicine
  • Bangning Zhang, School of Public Health


CHAIR: Ken Ramos, Associate Vice President of Research, Director of Institute of Biosciences & Technology

  • Garry Adams, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Joy Alonzo, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Hubi Amrein, College of Medicine
  • Jane Bolin, College of Nursing
  • Jiang Chang, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • John Criscione, Engineering Medicine
  • Rod Dashwood, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Thomas Diekwisch, College of Dentistry
  • Nancy Downing, College of Nursing
  • Alva Ferdinand, School of Public Health
  • Mansoor Khan, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Israel Liberzon, College of Medicine
  • Steve Maren, College of Liberal Arts
  • Ellen Martin, A&M Rural and Community Health Institute
  • Lynne Opperman, College of Dentistry
  • Roderic Pettigrew, Engineering Medicine
  • Tiffany Radcliff, School of Public Health
  • Stephen Safe, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jim Samuel, College of Medicine
  • Madhu Shrestha, College of Dentistry
  • Farida Sohrabji, College of Medicine
  • David Threadgill, College of Medicine
  • Matt Walton, Texas A&M Health

Care Delivery 

CHAIR: Nancy Fahrenwald, Dean, College of Nursing

  • Courtney Dodge, College of Medicine
  • Courtney Favaloro, College of Dentistry
  • Scott Fuller, Texas A&M Health
  • Thomas Kent, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Lisako McKyer, School of Public Health
  • Marcia Ory, School of Public Health
  • Sarah Parker Allen, College of Dentistry
  • Matthew Sorenson, College of Nursing
  • Robert Tsai, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • George Udeani, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Cynthia Weston, College of Nursing
  • Jaye Weston, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Brandon Williamson, College of Medicine

Community Engagement

CHAIR: Shawn Gibbs, Dean, School of Public Health 

  • Asim Abu-Baker, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Angie Alaniz, A&M Rural and Community Health Institute
  • LaDawn Brock, College of Dentistry
  • Patricia Brouwer, College of Dentistry
  • Jim Burdine, School of Public Health
  • Juan Bustamante, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Andrea Carrizales, College of Dentistry
  • David Clark, College of Medicine
  • Jorge Gomez, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Dee Dee Grays, Texas A&M Health
  • Magnus Hook, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Debbie Lynn, College of Medicine
  • Stacey Mitchell, College of Nursing
  • Nora Montalvo-Liendo, College of Nursing
  • Crystal Vinal, School of Public Health

Organizational Effectiveness

CHAIR: Amy Waer, Dean, College of Medicine

  • Mark Benden, School of Public Health
  • Aparna Biradar, College of Dentistry
  • Rebecca Burns, College of Nursing
  • Jeff Burton, Texas A&M Health
  • Stanton Calvert, Texas A&M University
  • Gerard Carrino, School of Public Health
  • Shirley Davidson, College of Nursing
  • Peter Davies, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Kellie Ekeland, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Amanda Galvan, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Mattie Hernandez, Institute of Biosciences & Technology
  • Fadi Khasawneh, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Alexis Moreno, Rangel College of Pharmacy
  • Matt Nair, College of Dentistry
  • Karen Slater, Texas A&M Foundation
  • Mark Sultenfuss, College of Medicine
  • Jun Wang, College of Medicine
  • Bree Watzak, A&M Rural and Community Health Institute
  • Sloane Williams, Texas A&M Health
  • Kris Wuensche, College of Nursing


Our Strategic Partner

Manatt Health Strategies, LLC is a division of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, a nationally prominent law and consulting firm. Manatt Health is a leading health care strategy and policy practice with over 160 professionals (consultants, policy advisors, project managers, analysts and health care attorneys). They provide rich content and organizational expertise to health care clients, including leading health systems and academic medical centers. Their staff are accomplished professionals with years of experience working in the health services and academic medicine domain.

Manatt Health has demonstrated experience, including enterprise strategic planning, executive facilitation, interprofessional planning, academic-community health system partnerships, financial analysis, partnership strategy and development, research-specific strategic planning and resource and implementation planning. They bring a deep understanding of the complex decisions faced by academic medical centers (AMCs) and health systems, as well as expertise in unique opportunities and challenges for each of their missions.